Jason Bateman & ‘Game Night’ Writer Adapting ‘Superworld’ Novel | Film News


Game Night is a very funny movie. So it makes tons of sense that one of the stars of the film, Jason Bateman, is teaming up with one of the writers, Mark Perez, for a new comedy project.


The duo will adapt Gus Krieger‘s novel Superworld, which is about a near future where everyone on Earth is blessed with a superpower. Except for one man named Ignatius Lohman. While his father is arguably the most powerful human on the planet, Ignatius is stuck being a normal nobody.


But when a new villain whose powers involve removing the powers of superheroes rears their ugly head, it turns out Ignatius might be the only person who can save humanity.


Sounds like an intriguing high concept project. Perez will pen the screenplay while Bateman will produce and direct. Whether Bateman himself will have an on-camera role is unclear at this time.


It will also be interesting to see how the movie critiques the superhero genre. Game Night worked so well because it was basically a riff on the sort of mind-game thriller everyone has seen, taking it to comedic extremes. Perhaps that will be the case here too.


Bateman has recently come into acclaim for his directing, usually of darker fare such as Ozark and The Outsider. But he’s always been known as a comedic presence so it will be cool to see him direct something wacky like this.


We’ll wait and see whether any big stars join the cast. Any big name actor looking for a good comedy role to expand their range could do a lot worse than sign on to something Game Night-adjacent.



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