Jason Bateman To Direct Heist Film ‘Here Comes The Flood’ For Netflix | Film News


Jason Bateman has signed on to direct a heist film titled Here Comes The Flood at Netflix.


The project previously sparked a seven-figure bidding war before the streaming giant secured the rights, and Simon Kinberg (Dark Phoenix) has penned the script. The film is being described as “an elevated, character-driven love-story heist movie, with the heist playing out in increments”.


While the word “elevated” is already an eyeball roll-inducing industry term due to its implicit condescension – the sub-genre “elevated horror” has sprung up in recent years, to essentially describe films as “good” horror – any heist movie with plenty of moving parts should get even the most casual film fan excited.


Bateman is currently only on board to direct, but there are naturally plenty of fun roles in a film like this, so it’s possible he ends up playing a supporting character in the end. Even though he’s got two solid films under his name, he’s likely landed this directing gig thanks to his work on HBO’s The Outsider and his previous Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series Emmy win for Ozark.


Bateman’s involvement also makes sense because he and Netflix already have a good relationship. Bateman has starred in the aforementioned Ozark for a number of seasons – earning Netflix plenty of awards.


He also just signed on to produce the Reese Witherspoon romcom Your Place Or Mine and the drama The Girls I’ve Been, which will star Millie Bobby Brown.


We’ll now play the waiting game and see what actors jump on board Here Comes The Flood. Considering the funds Netflix have put towards it and their desire to keep hold of their top spot from new competition in the streaming wars, expect them to go after some big stars.



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