Jason Bourne Gets His Own TV Series | TV News

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Jason Bourne Gets His Own TV Series | TV News


Two years ago the film Jason Bourne hit the theaters. It was the fifth film in the Bourne franchise and now this franchise is set to grow a bit more. No, we won’t see Matt Damon in his famous role on the big screen again (at least nothing is announced at the moment) but we will get a TV series surrounding his character, Jason Bourne.


USA Network ordered four pilot projects, one of them is the prequel to the Bourne series. And yes that means, unfortunately, Matt Damon won’t be the one playing him. Who will take the role of him isn’t announced yet but at the moment we’ve got the name for it: Treadstone.


The series will focus on the origins and the program that made Bourne who he was in the films. It will be written and produced by Tim Kring who is best known as the creator of Heroes. Still, fans shouldn’t get too excited at the moment, after all just the pilot got ordered and not the whole series even if it has a lot of potential.



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