Jasper Sloan Yip – In The Living Room | Music Video


The Canadian artist Jasper Sloan Yip has released his visual for the single “In the Living Room” which is the second single from Post Meridiem, which is the third album from him. The album Post Meridiem refines the blend of folk, rock and pop sensibilities which have given Yip critical acclaim in his home territory. He describes his current work with Post Meridiem:


“Continuing the pattern of my previous releases, ‘Post Meridiem’ is a self-portrait. Or rather, a series of vignettes that, when considered together, give a sense of the whole. It is reflective by design; a distorted recollection of one’s own life created with the hope that listeners will see some part of themselves somewhere in the hazy patch-work narrative put before them.”


This statement also suggests that the Vancouver based artist has put himself in the artwork to give us a deeper understanding and insight into him and his life. The album Post Meridiem will be unleashed on October 27 via Afterlife Music together with a promotion of tour dates around Canada and Europe.


Check out the great visual directed by Nelson Mouëllic of Jasper Sloan Yip’s single “In The Living Room” below:




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