Jay Electronica – Road To Perdition | New Music


Jay Electronica. He’s Hip Hop’s greatest enigma. He’s been signed to Roc Nation for five years now but hasn’t released a full-length project. Instead he’s been surfacing every now and then, when we least expect it, to drop a bomb, to blow our minds as well as blow away all other emcees in the game and remind us what a gifted emcee he truly is. The beat for his new track “Road To Perdition” is a rousing one, it feels momentous – Jay-Z ad-libs are peppered throughout – and Electronica partners it with a “swag on 1.21 Gigawatts” and with a “flow too atomic”. “Road To Perdition” is Electronica’s latest reminder that when he does drop his long-awaited, much-desired album, the game’s over. His “destiny’s to hit a grand slam”, to “change the whole vibration, the whole Roc Nation”. Let’s hope that’s soon. All hail the lyrical.




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