Jay Z’s Roc Nation Expands Into Clothing With Roc Nation Apparel | Fashion News


ROC Nation has branched out of the music world and into the fashion world with the release of the Roc Nation Apparel. The new apparel is developed by Emory Jones and is said to offer much more than the typical branded T Shirts in most high street stores – Iit is said to have a ‘Luxury Comfort’ that separates it from the typical. The collection will have T-shirts, hats, hoodies and shorts with the price varying from $78 and above.


Emory Jones said, “I think we just wanted to represent our lifestyle of where we’re at right now. When you’re moving around the world like we are, it was like, why not? Look, we’re not trying to be a fashion brand, we’re just trying to be a part of culture“. Check out a few pics of items from the apparel below, get your hands on them all here.




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