Jay Z Victorious In ‘Run This Town’ Court Battle | Music News


Jay Z was recently embroiled in a recent lawsuit for his Grammy Award-winning 2009 hit “Run This Town”, featuring Kanye West and Rihanna, over the use of the word ‘oh’ in the lyrics. Jay Z was accused of a copyright violation, by sampling the single syllable word from Eddie Bo’s 1969 funk track “Hook and Sling”. Record label TufAmerica brought on the court case, and justified it with the following reason: TufAmerica “apparently believes that it has a monopoly on the use of the word oh and that it can stop others from using this word in recorded form”. The court case concluded with the necessary stance: “The word in question – oh – is quite common … [and] it appears only once [in Run This Town], if it appears at all. The relevant works bear no substantial similarity to one another … It would be impermissible to conclude that defendants are liable in this case”, Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled, therefore seeing Jay Z winning in the court battle.



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