Jayd Ink – Dark Skin | Music Video

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Jayd Ink – Dark Skin | Music Video


Jayd Ink has just released the music video for her new single titled “Dark Skin”. Her new album will be recorded before the end of the year. The release of the new video was accompanied by the official announcement of the release of another single titled “The MO$T2” produced by Jordon Manswell.


The “Dark Skin” music video, directed by 88 everything, has been filmed in Toronto where the artist was born and lives. The video and the lyrics have the aim of attracting attention to the racial issue, especially on the vision of female beauty. Jayd Ink is very confident and proud of her beauty during the video.


We like this song for Jayd’s sweetheart vocals and funky beat, but more so because of the way that she approaches the subject. This version of the Canadian artist is far more mature and very blues-esque. While you are waiting for her new track, you can watch the “Dark Skin” music video below




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