Jeedo – BUCK! | New Music



The multi-talented Mr. Robert O’Bryant aka Waajeed and aka Jeedo (his recent stage name) is a true artist! Getting a scholarship as an illustrator in the age of 19, to the Center for Creative Studies in his home town Detroit, he started his artistic journey there. He also had previous strong creative influences from his family, with his father’s old Hip Hop records which he often listened to when he was little, forming a strong base for his later music career.


Nowadays he is a good photographer, a great painter, illustrator, DJ and the owner of the production company called Dirt Tech Reck. His fresh, newest release on Soundcloud is titled “BUCK!” and it is a dark hip hop style single with lots of really good music experimental sounds , loud guitars and strong pompous baselines. So listen to it below and just enjoy!



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