Jeff Bridges & Chris Hemsworth In Talks For Drew Goddard’s New Thriller | Film News


Drew Goddard‘s sole directorial effort in his career was the genre-bending The Cabin In The Woods, and while he’s gone on to write films such as World War Z and The Martian, he hasn’t had the chance to step back behind the camera, until now.


Goddard is moving forward with Bad Times At The El Royale, with THR reporting that Jeff Bridges and Chris Hemsworth are in talks for the lead roles.


The story is set in the 1960s at “a run-down hotel near California’s Lake Tahoe named the El Royale and centers on a cast of characters whose own shady agendas will violently collide”.


Details are being kept under wraps, but The Tracking Board suggests Bridges would play a down-on-his-luck priest named Father Daniel Flynn, while other characters would include a vacuum cleaner salesman, two female criminals, a male cult leader, a singer and a desk clerk.


While that sounds more like a guest list for an odd Hollywood party than a list of potential characters in a film, the film itself does sound interesting, and considering Goddard’s success with the completely out-of-the-box ideas in The Cabin In The Woods, it’ll be interesting to see how this film comes together, even if it does look to be a little more straight forward than his previous film.


Production on Bad Times At The El Royale is looking to get underway in January 2018.



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