Jeffrey Tambor Hints At ‘HellBoy 3’ Movie | Film News

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Jeffrey Tambor Hints At ‘HellBoy 3’ Movie | Film News


It was only a few months back that Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro disappointed fans by saying a Hellboy 3 is never going to happen. However, Jeffrey Tambor who has appeared in both Hellboy films as Tom Manning has spoken about current talks of a third movie. While speaking to The Colbert Report , Tambor joked that they better hurry up and get Hellboy 3 started or he’s “going to be in a walker”.


With Guillermo del Toro taking on a whole load of other jobs including a Pinocchio movie and Pacific Rim 2, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Hellboy 3 anytime soon. However, talking about a sequel is better than nothing and delivers fans with a well deserved slice of hope. We already know that Ron Perlman has been reported to be up for another go in Hellboy’s shoes so, here’s hoping!



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