Jenna Malone To Appear In ‘Batman vs Superman’ | Film News


The Hunger Games star Jenna Malone, has reportedly been bagged by Warner Bros to feature in the up and coming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Rumors have been floating around about Malone appearing as a female version of Batman’s famous sidekick, Robin, but at the moment, we’re not sure if there’s any credibility to that statement.


What we do know, however, is that there have been multiple sources that claim Malone will take on a role somewhere in the film, even if we’re not sure what role yet. This is totally good new. Malone smashed her role in The Hunger Games as troubled victor Johanna Mason and she’s generally an all round, really cool girl. With an impressive background like performances in Into The Wild, Pride & Prejudice and Donnie Darko, there’s no doubt Malone would be an amazing additional to the already sterling cast. Batman vs Superman is out on March 25th 2016.



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