Jennifer Lawrence To Be Paid $8 Million More Than Chris Pratt For ‘Passengers’? | Film News

High budget sci-fi romance ‘Passengers’ given the green light to go forward with production, leading to the announcement of Lawrence being paid a staggering $20 million for her role and Pratt being paid a lowered $12 million for his.


The Hollywood Reporter have recently stated that studio Sony have given the green light to go forward with science-fiction romance film Passengers, starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. In a contemporary period of cinema where high-budget films are occasionally financial failures (Jupiter Ascending and Tomorrowland), inserting $150 million into a fan-base-less franchise is becoming increasingly uncommon and directors are particularly reluctant to insert such amounts into films of the sci-fi genre.


Passengers is said to be about a space traveler, whom after unexpectedly waking up from a cryogenic sleep almost a century too early, awakes a female passenger to keep him company, which thus leads to star-studded romance. Pratt and Lawrence, who are currently at the top of Hollywood, will be predictably paid huge amounts by Sony, in order to lure their signatures in. Reports state that Pratt, in the aftermath of Jurrasic Park’s triumphant all-time record breaking $511 million global opening last weekend, will be paid $12 million and Oscar-winning actress, Lawrence, will be paid her asking price of $20 million, a whopping $8 million more than her future co-star.


Pratt and Lawrence alone will not be enough alone to muster up critical and financial greatness, so Sony have also brought in The Imitation Game’s Morten Tyldum to lead from behind the cameras, who aims to shoot in September. Passengers will be aspiring towards the successes of recent sci-fi Oscar greats, Gravity and Interstellar, and will be looking to parallel the dramatic effects the films conveyed to people.



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