Jennifer Lee Snowden – Without You | Music Video


Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jennifer Lee Snowden has recently dropped a new video for her new single “Without You”, produced by ​Ali Stone. This is Snowden’s first musical release since 2009, who marks her comeback with a moving and personal acoustic song, which manages to reach the listener’s heart.


Indeed, the song treats such topics as the sense of dejection and hopelessness one can feel when trying to move on after a tragedy. Acoustic instrumentals, delicate guitar arpeggios and, above all, the sweet but powerful voice of the singer manage to convey the song message.


The song is linked to the fear that she would be leaving others behind, since the singer has waged two separate battles with breast cancer. Nonetheless, this fight has helped her realize music was her true calling. In paricular, she said: “It awakened me to use my art to ignite important conversations. As well as to help others tap into their heart to catalyze change—both in the world and in themselves.”


She has recently stated about the song: “‘Without You’ is about loss. I have listened to this song hundreds of times through the creation process and still it brings me to tears. Because life is so incredibly fragile. Sometimes it feels like everything we hold dear is hanging on by a thread. Entire worlds can shift in an instant. After two difficult battles with cancer, I know this all too intimately.”


The music video starts and finishes with the singer standing on the pavement of a busy city, but most of the video is set in an empty room. The hopelessness she feels is reflected by her loneliness. This location allows the listener to focus on the singer’s vocals and lyrics and to understand the message of the song.


Watch the new video for “Without You” below:




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