Jeremy Corbyn Teases Conservatives As Cabinet Members Leave Theresa May | Politics


Christmas has come early for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Following the re-shuffle and resignation of Theresa May‘s cabinet, Corbyn wastes no time to poke fun at the Conservatives. He humours parliament by stating that members of her party would have resigned earlier, however had no bus service to take them home.


He continues to criticise May by stating that “The Chequers compromise took two years to reach and just two days to unravel.” The House Of Commons were up in laughter whilst the ruling party were trying their very best to hide their dismay.


Talk about pouring salt in the wound. Corbyn illustrates May’s poor leadership skills as she fails to even lead her own cabinet members. He highlights the government’s incapability to secure a stable deal for Britain and continues to use these political resignations to throw May down. It should come of no surprise that Labour has used this opportunity to make fun, just another usual political spat from our elected leaders!



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