Jeremy Renner And Elizabeth Olsen Join Forces For ‘Wind River’ | Film News

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Jeremy Renner And Elizabeth Olsen Join Forces For ‘Wind River’ | Film News


Last year, Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner blew all our minds in Avengers: Age of Ultron as the ethereal Scarlet Witch and the sharpshooting Hawkeye respectively. Now there’ll be teaming up again, but not on the Marvel payroll, as they star in the crime drama Wind River. The story is set in the Utah Badlands where Renner (playing a ranger) stumbles across the frozen corpse of a girl.


Olsen will play an investigating FBI Agent who enlists Renner’s help to navigate the wilderness and uncover the truth behind the murder. Who dreamt up this chilling (literally) thriller? Only the man behind Sicario, Taylor Sheridan. Directing as well as writing this time, we can see already that Sheridan is up to his old tricks, exploring and placing his characters in unfamiliar and hostile terrain with a principled FBI agent and an experienced ranger being thrown together in this frozen landscape.


So can we expect more of what Sicario offered? I think so. Sheridan, Olsen and Renner will all begin shooting Wind River in March in Park City, and it shall search for distribution deals at the European Film Market in Berlin next month. Keep this film on your radar.

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