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Jess Glynne + Anthony Hamilton – Take Me Home | New Music



Just when I thought Jess Glynne’s music couldn’t get any hotter, she has now teamed up with R&B legend, Anthony Hamilton for an exclusive version of the soaring ballad “Take Me Home” which was the fifth single from her No. 1 debut album, I Cry When I Laugh.


Jess Glynne truly has had a sensational year and this version of the stunning single really is the cherry on top for the North London star. These two artists combined is like a musical marriage and their voices go hand in hand to create something not far from perfection. I haven’t stopped listening to this version since I first heard it, and still every time, it creates a kind of flutter in my stomach. If you haven’t heard it yet check it out right here, and share with me, what I think is one of the best tracks all year.




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