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Jesse Bryant is, as he defines himself “just a distracted Silicon Valley engineer, moonlighting as a folk-rock singer-songwriter“, to which he devotes himself to, whenever he has the time, writing lyrics and strumming his guitar, and he has just released the first single from his forthcoming album titled “Way Back”.


Drawing inspiration from artists like Jim Croce, Dave Matthews Band, and Little Feat, he lets his own powerful storytelling flows into the lyrics which vary from a quirky to a honest styles, accompanied by a guitar that has the ability to adapt to songs by being twangy and elegant.


“Way Back” is the first single of his new album, for which he has taken inspiration from an episode of Frasier, as he has thoroughly explained: “one morning, Frasier grabs two cups of coffee to take back to his bedroom, and explains how he ended up bringing a woman home the night before when he had only intended to have coffee with her.


Jesse Bryant is musically something more that he thinks and this precious piece confirms that. Led by a lonely and gentle guitar and secure drums, the track is catchy and cantabile, its melody immediately enters the head through a hopelessly romantic lyric.


Listen to the song below:




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