Jesse Eisenberg To Play Marcel Marceau In ‘Resistance’ | Film News

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Jesse Eisenberg To Play Marcel Marceau In ‘Resistance’ | Film News


Jesse Eisenberg has lined up his next role. He’s set to play legendary mime Marcel Marceau in Resistance, a film that will focus on Marceau’s involvement with the French resistance during WWII.


Marceau learned to mime to survive and save the lives of Jewish orphans whose parents were being killed by the Nazis. He’s most famous of his Bip the Clown stage persona, was awarded the National Order of Merit in France for his work with the resistance, won an Emmy, and close friend Michael Jackson credited him with inventing the moonwalk.


The film is set to be written and directed by Jonathan Jakubwicz, and is said to be similar to 1997’s surprise Oscar winner Life Is Beautiful, where humour is used as a tool to allow children to survive their horrific conditions.


Eisenberg is no stranger to Marceau’s story, as his mother worked as a clown and also comes from a family of Polish Jews. This should thus be a very personal role for him to undertake as he continues his impressive ascent from quirky comedic roles to meaty dramatic ones that has given him plenty of success over the past half-decade.


The film will begin shooting in early 2018.



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