Jesse & Joy – Echoes Of Love | Music Video

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Jesse & Joy – Echoes Of Love | Music Video

Jesse & Joy 12.06.2016ANDREW


Mexican pop duo, Jesse & Joy, formed by brother-sister Jesse and Joy Huerta, is ready to impact the music scene with its highly-awaited new video, called “Echoes Of Love”. The song is the first official single taken from the duo’s forthcoming fourth studio album, and follow-up to the acclaimed ¿Con quién se queda el perro?, released in 2011.


“Echoes Of Love” was released on digital retailers on Friday, August 14 via Warner Music. The piano progression evokes inspiring feelings of triumph over all odds. The vocals really soar, flying high above obstructive walls of any size.


The music video was filmed in early-September and it was directed by Samuel Bayer. If it were not for the dazzling array of visual lighting, it would be a normal performance video. However, these spiralling lights, encircling like water down a drain, juxtapose with flashes of brilliance, as if to convey the battle of the subdued spark to defy drowning whirlpools.




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