Jessica Chastain And Aaron Sorkin Team Up For ‘Molly’s Game’ | Film News


Aaron Sorkin is currently soaking up praise for penning the screenplay for Steve Jobs, but it seems he is keen to make the transition from writer to director as he has recently won directorial duties for Molly’s Game despite coming on initially as just its writer.


This shall be Sorkin’s directorial debut so no doubt he’s feeling the pressure, but it has now been announced that Hollywood goldmine Jessica Chastain is in talks for the lead role for the project.


Molly’s Game is an adaption of the memoir by Molly Bloom, exploring her life as a sports star and later as a poker magnate. Despite Chastain not putting pen to paper yet her presence in the production would be a welcome one, being among the Hollywood crème de la crème after wonderful performances in InterstellarA Most Violent YearThe Martian and Crimson Peak.


Molly Bloom was once a world-class skier, having been so from a young age. As if that were not enough, she also became a nationally-ranked business woman by the age of 21 while still attending college. Then to cap it all off, the cherry on an already remarkable cake, Bloom made millions by running the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game. It lasted for 8 years before the FBI got involved.


Molly Bloom’s incredible life would make for a fascinating watch; a hardcore Joy. With Jessica Chastain in the lead, Bloom’s life on screen would be in safe hands, and Sorkin’s hands may be a bit less sweaty.



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