Jessica Chastain Paints Chief Sitting Bull In ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ | Film Trailer


Films based on true events often leave a weird feeling with the audience. Just thinking about the fact that what you see in front of you really happened to people has an incredible effect. Now A24 has released a trailer for their upcoming film Woman Walks Ahead which will probably leave you with this feeling again.


Jessica Chastain will portray Catherine Weldon, a widowed artist who travels to North Dakota with the goal to paint Chief Sitting Bull. While the friendship of these two grows bigger she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between the Lakota tribe and the US army.



Chief Sitting Bull will be played by Michael Greyeyes. Sam Rockwell, Ciaran Hinds, Chaske Spencer, and Bill Camp co-star in the film which hits DirecTV on May 31 and theaters on June 29.



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