Jessica Minh Anh To Host World’s First Solar-Powered Fashion Show | Fashion News


Top model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh is renowned for organizing daring and breathtaking fashion shows at unique and often iconic venues, from the Eiffel Tower to Tower Bridge, as well as the world’s highest catwalk at the Grand Canyon and the world’s first sundeck catwalk on board the Costa Atlantica in 2013. However on July 17, she will host and star in the world’s first solar-powered J Summer Fashion Show at Gemasolar, an innovative solar power plant in Seville, Spain.


It will host a 100 metre catwalk, a circular formation of high-shine mirrors and drones to highlight the effect of the sunlight, all filmed in various angles and making for an exciting show. Jessica said: “Gemasolar took my breath away. It represents a rare modern beauty, which sees the best of designs and sustainability efforts in one place. I would consider this show my most challenging yet exciting project so far”.


Gemasolar plant manager Raul Mendoza Ruiz said: “Gemasolar is an international symbol of the next generation of power plants and represents the future, just as Jessica does in fashion. We look forward to fascinating the world with a mixture of high technology and high fashion in this particular project”. The show will unveil a mix of haute couture and ready-to-wear collections from over 15 countries across five continents, as its organizers explained: “The carefully selected fashion houses embrace tradition and culture whilst experimenting with innovative techniques of modern design”.




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