Jez Dior – Cocaine | Music Video


Rapper Jez Dior gets honest and personal in his new single “Cocaine“. The rapper comes undone and tells us all about his demons in his first sung-track.


“Cocaine” proves to be the perfect metaphor for a girl you know is not good for you but has you hooked anyway. “That’s why I call her Cocaine” Dior sings, in the song’s infectious hook.


The rapper, who is the son of Steve Dior, the famous guitarist who played for the likes of the Sex Pistols and the New York Dolls, had a long struggle with addiction. After growing up with an estranged father, who, likewise, had drug issues, the rapper had to face his own demons, that came through with his breakout track “Sober“.


Now, after several releases on Spotify and an upcoming album on the horizon, the rapper is taking a big leap and trying to prove his craft and begin a new chapter in his music career.


Jez proves he can definitely carry his own in this melodic song embellished by a beautiful guitar intro that sets the mood of the song right away. Lyrically speaking, the singer paints a vivid image of what it is really like to be addicted to something/someone, giving the song even a more daunting and bitter tone.


The video for the song is a visually stunning journey on the road for a group of friends. Directed by Shane Drake, it unveils a run-and-chase situation where the guy doesn’t get the girl.




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