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Emerging London based singer/songwriter JGrrey has returned to the forefront with her brand new single “All For You” produced by Kadiata, a follow-up that couldn’t come soon enough after her brilliant previous single “Growing“.


This one is for the movers and shakers, best described as an uptempo ballad, a contrast to her last single but nonetheless JGrrey’s pure vocals are the star of the show. The vibrant song shows JGrrey’s musical versatility, establishing her sound as truly multi-dimensional. Once again she proves herself to be an exceptional lyricist, telling stories of love and emotion with charming simplicity.


“I don’t write love songs. All for you, isn’t a love song. All for you is a song about going insane over someone.. an infatuation, a slight obsession. All for you isn’t rainbows glitter. All for you, is an unhealthy urge that you’re willing to lose your mind over… But I make it cute, because going crazy never looked so damn good.”


Garnering major fame with her widely received single “Don’t Fade” which was first performed across COLORS, JGrrey’s name has been one which has excited many for a while and with a new EP on the horizon, we are expecting big things from her! The track is taken from the upcoming, highly-anticipated EP Grrey Daze which is set to release in November.




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