JGrrey – Growing | Music Video


Emerging London based singer/songwriter JGrrey releases her first ever music video for her newest single, the smooth flowing “Growing” – exclusively with The FADER. Having first came to light in a major way after a mesmerising Colors performance of “Don’t Fade“, she has captivated fans since with her unique yet powerful neo-soul vocal stylings.


JGrrey and producer Ed Thomas have managed to put together a beautifully smooth and soulful that highlights her mesmerising vocals in the best way. “Growing” captures the magical tranquility of her sound as well as showcasing her distinctive attitude and lyrical abilities. She speaks on a personal journey, that awkward period when you first ‘fly the nest’ and start to live life by yourself – the difficult process of ‘growing up’.


A video accompaniment directed by Anna Radchenko purely emphasises the ideas of the song as we see our protagonist JGrrey going about with her day with a literal manifestation of a younger self – her ‘inner child’


“The idea behind the video was initially to convey that everyone has an inner child no matter how much they may try to outgrow it. I find many people try to hide their inner child and I’m totally not that person. I’d like to think I’m best friends with my inner child and the video is meant to show this.” she told The FADER.




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