Jim Carrey And Tamsin Greig Steal The Show On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ | TV Review


Last Friday, Graham Norton was joined on his guest sofa by Jude Law, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, and Tamsin Greig, where both Greig and Carrey manage to offer up some rather funny comedy impressions in the middle of their interviews. It’s all very entertaining to watch and quite hilarious. Tamsin Greig begins, by explaining she had a scene in the comedy Black Books were she had to fake an orgasm. Her director gave her the best advice ever, according to her, which was to pretend that she was getting into a hot bath, it worked for her anyway. Jim Carey joined in and countered, with another very funny impression, after saying he preferred the kind of noises that would be made if you were getting into a cold bath. Then it gets funnier, and slightly below the human intelligence level, as Tamsin shows off her impression of a frightened pig and Jim shows us his St. Bernard woof! Check them out below, and watch the full episode on the BBC iPlayer here.




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