Jim Parsons Goes To Hollywood For Fantasy Comedy ‘Man-Witch’ | Film News

Jim Parsons


Since 2007, Jim Parsons has been leaving CBS and E4 viewers in stitches in The Big Bang Theory as the hilarious, nerdy, eccentric and impossibly infuriating Dr. Sheldon Cooper (but not crazy, his mother had him tested).


Now he is getting his first big Hollywood deal, having made numerous indie films and had a starring voice role in the 2015 animated film HomeMan-Witch follows the story of a teacher (Parsons) who discovers he has witch-like powers.


As he tries to get them under control, he is taken in by a coven of witches who promptly send him off to a school for young witches, where he is the only adult male in a school of young girls. Let the shenanigans begin.


Parsons is not only starring in Man-Witch, he is also producing it for Warner Bros. Having been in development since 2005, Parsons is bringing the project into the light alongside producer Neal Moritz, but there is currently no director attached or a release date forthcoming.



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