JLS’ Oritse Williams To Present Channel 4 Documentary ‘Britain’s Youngest Carers’ | TV News

Oritse Williams to present a one- off special on Channel 4


Oritse Williams one quarter of the recently disbanded JLS is set to present a one-off special for Channel 4. The programme will be titled Britain’s Youngest Carers and follows Williams as he meet with young carers in the UK who are their parents carers’ everyday as well as experts on the subject.


Oritse Williams became a carer for his mother at age 12 as she had multiple sclerosis. It is a disease which affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, making it difficult for the sufferer to move as their muscles, balance and vision is affected. About the documentary, Williams said, “I wanted to make this film on Britain’s young carers to bring awareness to the public after feeling isolated as a young carer myself“. The show will be produced by Maroon Productions and airs on Channel 4 later in 2014.



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