JME – The Very Best | Music Video



Yesterday (September 3), JME got nostalgic and released a Pokémon inspired video for his track “The Very Best”. The video shows the original protagonist Ash re-envisaged as a cartoon version of JME. The London born Grime MC goes hard over a beat sampled from the Pokémon theme tune. He takes no prisoners as he lets us all know his credentials: “I will drapes all your HP, that’s why they call man the very best“.


Before he uploaded the track and while on his way home, JME took to Twitter to let his followers know he had a new track to upload. It turned out that it was worth the hype; the track and its visuals are an absolute treat, especially for those whose childhood was built on the Pokémon franchise. Although obviously meant mostly in jest, this explosive track will have seasoned Pokémon veterans heading for the hills. See the video for the track below.




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