Jodie Abacus – I’ll Be That Friend | Music Video

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Jodie Abacus – I’ll Be That Friend | Music Video

Jodie Abacus 07.07.2016ANDREW


London singer-songwriter, Jodie Abacus, has released the video for his single, “I’ll Be That Friend”, from the For Real Life And Not Pretend EP, which was released in February of this year.


“I’ll Be That Friend” starts with ringing chords on the piano, before building to a soulful lift. It seems rooted in the R&B you would hear in the Seventies. It has a bluesy feel to it, feeling pain but glad to be alive. Guitar and bass give the song a bit of bite, digging under those piano chords. It slows down before the vocals close the track and rise to the heavens.


The music video starts with insecure people being told how beautiful they are, before the man in question, playing a rather colourful piano right in the middle of a traffic junction, bares his vulnerable soul.




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