Jodie Abacus – You’re Crazy | New Music

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Jodie Abacus – You’re Crazy | New Music


It has been a hot minute since London future-soul artist Jodie Abacus has dropped some new material on our laps. His last single “Save The World” came back in March and his phenomenal EP Mild Cartoon Violence was his soul inspired 2017 release.


But his latest release puts him right back into proceedings – a bold single with an even bolder backstory. New single “You’re Crazy” loops those Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye influences round, turning it into 21st century bounce.


An artist with incredible breadth of experience, he uses this to his advantage, focussing on elements of his own life in the process. It’s about a failed relationship, but Jodie is able to look back with a smile on his face. He explains:


“Ever had a crazy ex?? No? Just me then! I have a primary rule: never let your muses know that a song you wrote is about them…especially the crazy ones.”




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