Jodie Foster To Direct & Star In Remake Of ‘Woman At War’ | Film News


Two-time Best Actress Academy Award winner Jodie Foster has signed on to direct and star in the English-language remake of the Icelandic eco-thriller Woman At War.


She will star a a genial music teacher who moonlights as an environmental activist trying to sabotage the local aluminium industry. But when she receives unexpected news that her adoption application has been approved and a baby girl is waiting for her, she plans one last mission, while government agents close in on her identity.


The original film is directed by Benedikt Erlingsson, and is Iceland’s official submission for this year’s foreign language Oscar. During its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, it won the screenwriting prize in the Critics’ Week section.


Foster reportedly plans to relocate the story to the American west and told Deadline that the film “thrilled me beyond words” and that the protagonist is a “warrior for the planet, a strong woman who risks it all to do the right thing”.


This is an exciting project for Foster to undertake. Her legacy as one of our great actors is already secure, but she’s arguably still looking to make her magnum opus behind the camera, having previously directed solid but forgettable fare such as Money Monster and The Beaver.


Woman At War sounds like a perfect movie for our current climate while also giving Foster a great opportunity to direct something truly great.



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