Joe Biden Signs Executive Orders To Roll Back Trump’s Immigration Agenda | Politics


As the new US President Joe Biden continues his best to get through the first 100 days that are crucial for any president, to come up and to keep up with all the demands made to the population, he is keeping up with all sorts of reviews and signing orders to really start afterwords his plans and engagements to Americans.


Another goal for the President was to roll back Donal Trump‘s administration agenda regarding the US immigration policies. For the past four years, immigrants have had a complicated life with all the policies that have been very restricting when it comes to travelling to America for whatever reasons.


That is why the President has signed a series of executives actions for the Immigrant Plan, and the first goal with these orders is to reunite separated families and especially children with their parents. Unfortunately it will take time but the actions will continue to happen overtime and will avoid going back to stricter immigration policies.


One of the orders is to send a task force to help these separated families, then the objective is to review as quickly as possible Trump’s immigration policies to try and give quicker green cards or naturalisation to applicants and to replace some of Trump’s plan like the Migrant Protection Protocol.


Reviewing Trump’s actions on that topic is going to take time and so are the actions, the administration needs to come up with new actions as well as not being too open. Biden wants to keep certain aspects, which we will know about soon enough.


These actions will show America how the Biden administration is positioning itself on the immigration subject in the country. Here the administration wants to be more comprehensive and understanding over each immigrant situation.



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