Joe Carabine Releases New Video For ‘I Don’t Recognise Myself’ | Music News

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Joe Carabine Releases New Video For ‘I Don’t Recognise Myself’ | Music News


Joe Carabine has just released his video clip for his latest single “I Don’t Recognise Myself”. This song is the beginning of a four song EP that will be released in early 2020 with a live arrangement.


Joe Carabine is an indie-rock artist inspired by artists such as Artic Monkeys, Lorde and The 1975.


In 2019, he performed across the country, including the introduction of BBC Live 2019, opening for Sea Girl, and headlining the famous venue The Boileroom! He also played at The Great Escape.


“I Don’t Recognise Myself” is written from the point of view of someone close to Joe who loses control of his life and makes bad choices. Joe’s vocals are accompanied by distorted guitars, drums and an electronic bass. The theme of the song is self-destruction and rebellion.


In the video clip, the metaphor of self-description is imagined by car accidents broken mirrors and ransacking. At the end of the video, Joe goes back to his routine life. In his first EP, we can perceive several different moods but also several different kinds of music. Much to our delight, he’s working on his second one.


Jack Johnson of Eagle Radio said about him and his EP: “Such powerful songwriting, amazing vocals and production”.


Watch his video for “I Don’t Recognise Myself” here:




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