Joe Carnahan In Talks To Direct ‘Bad Boys 3’ | Film News


It appears the much talked about third installment of the Bad Boys franchise is picking up some momentum, and we can expect to see the infamous duo of Marcus and Mike on the big screen pretty soon. Reports suggest that the earlier script provided by David Gunnenhiem will be re-written, and that this movie will be Will Smith’s first film after Suicide Squad.


The film may have found its director too, with Sony reportedly in talks with Joe Carnahan, who directed the astounding The Grey and the revived 80’s show The A-Team. With Carnaham in reports to direct, it means Michael Bay will not be able to complete the trilogy he might have been awaiting. Will the team be reintroduced to our screens with a big bang? Well without Michael Bay directing, it certainly won’t have as much ‘bang’.



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