Joel Baker + Abra Cadabra – Story | Music Video


“Story” is the first track from Joel Baker’s upcoming mixtape Bag of Dreams. The video has been filmed in Stockwell and Tottenham by renowned photographer Vicky Grout in what is her first music video. The visuals capture a day in the life of Baker and Abra Cadabra, who he features on the record.


Speaking about the video the director said: “As my first time directing, it was an amazing experience working with two incredible, very different artists.” says Vicky. “The video depicts a ‘day in the life’ of each of them, in their own, personal way. It was so sick to see both their personalities come out”.


The single was co-produced by Baker and Courage. Speaking about “Story”, Joel says: “This song is inspired by many, many conversations I’ve had with the guys over the years about the complications of casual relationships. It’s not this care free lifestyle people portray. It’s actually a headache”.




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