Joel Baker – Bag Of Dreams | New Music


Joel Baker unveils the track titled “Bag of Dreams” from his upcoming mixtape. The singer has also written and produced the mixtape.


Joel has very good vocals, his voice is soulful and expressive. He can take the audience to another word just with his sweet voice. The melody is good but not very original, and the structure of the song is very easy but effective, probably to give space and importance to the lyrics.


Speaking about the song, the singer said: “Bag of Dreams was written at a very dark time. The big city sold me a fairy tale and I believed it. Occasionally a song will come around when it writes itself in minutes. You aren’t really writing it, you’re just coughing up your heart trying to capture what comes out. A few people tried to convince me to change lyrics because they said it made me sound ‘bitter’. But I was bitter. That’s how I knew the song worked”.


Joel Baker will be performing at the Islington Assembly Hall in London on September 20, don’t miss him.


Listen to “Bag Of Dreams” below.




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