Johan Skoog Releases ‘Given By God’ To Raise Money For Ukraine

Johan Skoog – a man of many talents – a musician, songwriter, performer and a teacher from Sweden has just released “Given By God” to help and donate Ukraine to the ones who need help getting back up on their feet.

Not only this song has the best purpose but also the story behind how it came to life is very interesting. In Johan’s own words, “This is a song that came about when I was studying to be a music producer. It started with a riff and I thought it was going to be a love ballad for my wife. But the song took a turn and I was tasked with singing in the church during the same time.

It was a different theme in the church and it was about the priest debating with a non-believer and defending his faith in a questioning discussion. Then the next thought about the song was born and I wanted to give a story from me in this debate without disturbing their discussion so I chose to convey it in my music.

It was very well taken care of and the congregation even applauded in the church. Now it got life and meaning so I decided to do the last thing in the studio and now it was pretty much done”.

Skoog is also opened up about how he decided to donate to Ukraine using this unique song “Given By God”. As he says he was heartbroken when he saw refugees coming by boat to Sweden.

Johan Skoog`s intention with this song to be used so people know this song exist to help people in Ukraine, this song to be alive and helpful and purposeful.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Given By God” by Johan Skoog below!


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