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John Alcabean 24.08.2016ANDREW


Danish three-piece, John Alcabean, have shared their brand new video for single, “Fire”, via Tapetown Records. The band’s EP, Real Time Fiction, is out on Friday, September 2. The title is said to be, in essence, about pursuing dreams, fiction, and achieving them via mind over matter.


“Fire” has choppy, strummed riffs that pack a fair punch. The vocal melodies are like a modern take on The Beach Boys, very high register. The drums crash all around, adding to the drama all encompassing. The middle section sees the dynamics of the song get moody. It has grungy energy, maybe not as dissonant. Still sizeably raw, though.


Lead singer, Victor Ryle Shack, explains, “my roomie and creative soul”, Nanna Brunn, is behind the visuals. Apparently, she uses clips and films of travels to Iceland, some of which taking in the sights of a lava field. The clips chop and change like the guitars, and you may also notice fisticuffs, or perhaps probably play fighting, between people in some of the shots.




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