John Boyega Hints At A Darker Tone To ‘Star wars: Episode VIII’ | Film News

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John Boyega Hints At A Darker Tone To ‘Star wars: Episode VIII’ | Film News



One of the latest latest additions to the Star Wars galaxy, actor John Boyega discussed the future of his character, Finn, in a recent interview with British Vogue. In the latest Star Wars film to hit theaters, Boyega plays Finn, a storm-trooper with a conscience, who alongside Daisy Ridley‘s Rey, and some old and new faces, sets out to defeat the evil Galactic Empire.


“My part in the next film will be much more physical so I might be in the gym a bit more“, he replies when asked how much he had to train for his role in the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Considering we last saw him comatose after an intense fight against the films main antagonist Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), this poses good news for fans of Boyega’s character, though as one of the films main protagonists, he was unlikely to be killed off in the first movie anyway.


As for the script for the next film in the series, Episode VIII, Boyega hinted: “It’s great. Much darker, but we’re very excited”. The ending of the last film left many questions unanswered but definitely sets up the “darker” events expected in next installment of the film series; the identity of the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, Rey’s true identity and the more than likely battle between her and Kylo Ren.



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