John Boyega In Running For A Lead Role In ‘Star Wars VII’ | Film News

John Boyega in running for a lead role in ‘Star Wars VII’


The star of horror comedy film Attack The Block John Boyega is in the running for a lead role in Star Wars VII. If you missed it, Attack The Block was a story about a group of teenagers who have their block of flats based in Brixton invaded by aliens. John Boyega played the leading character Moses in the critically acclaimed comedy film.


It has been reported that Boyega is up for the role of a Jedi apprentice who has a major part in the upcoming Star Wars VII film. It has also been reported that Hans Solo and Princess Leia’s offspring will play a feature role as opposed to the lead role in the film, due to Lawrence Kasden rewriting the script. J.J Abrams will direct and it will be released in UK cinemas on December 18, 2015.



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