John Cena & Jason Momoa Teaming For Action Comedy ‘Killer Vacation’

Muscle men John Cena and Jason Momoa are teaming up to star in action comedy Killer Vacation for Warner Bros. Sources told Variety that the pair met on the set of the upcoming conclusions to the Fast and Furious franchise and were looking to take their natural chemistry to another film.

Plot details are under wraps, but the project is being called a fun, splashy adventure and being compared to James Cameron‘s True Lies. The script has been written by Mark and Brian Gunn, and the project will be produced by John Rickard and Peter Safran.

The project being in the works at Warner Bros. with Safran a part of the producing team makes sense, as he recently took the reins to Warner Bros.’ DC films alongside James Gunn. And obviously Momoa is a big part of that plan, being Aquaman. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is due out later this month, while Momoa also appeared in another Warner Bros. film, Dune, last year.

Cena has been a pleasant surprise since (mostly) leaving the wrestling world to pursue acting, with his comedy chops being the most impressive thing about his screen career this far. He’s already appeared in films similar to Killer Vacation – like Vacation Friends and Blockers – and excelled, so he should be a great fit here.

Cena has another action-comedy, Freelance, currently in post-production, while he’s also set to star in live-action/CGI comedy Coyote vs. Acme and spy film Argylle. As mentioned, both he and Momoa will also be seen in Fast X, the tenth (and supposedly penultimate) Fast and Furious film, which is currently slated for a May 19, 2023 release.


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