John Galliano Attempts Comeback At London Menswear Fashion Week | Fashion News


John Galliano will be returning to fashion later today (January 12) after a four year self-imposed hiatus after his drunken anti-Semitic tirade in a café in Paris that ended his career at Dior and the fashion industry at large. The designer has made a much anticipated comeback as the new creative chief for Maison Martin Margiela, and a small selection of Haute Couture will be on show at London’s Menswear Fashion Week this afternoon at 4:30pm. Galliano certainly knows how to put on a show, but the designer has faced a backlash from editors to designers and schools alike as a result of his racist remarks. The scepticism across the spectrum should have hindered any chances of success in fashion, but he has been resilient in the face of adversity and he intends to take his collections to all catwalks across the globe. Galliano’s fate is in the hands of the public, if they look past his indiscretions, then his clothes should be his strongest asset.



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