John Galliano Unveils His ‘Coed Défilé’ For Maison Margiela | Fashion News


For his Summer Haute Couture show, titled ‘Artisanal‘, John Galliano curated an eye-confusing catwalk masterpiece. Now, he takes a 180 degree ready-to-wear turn for a more sober tailoring.


During the third day of Paris Fashion Week, Maison Margiela presented its Fall/Winter 2019 co-ed collection. The creative director of the fashion house John Galliano focused on a “purified sense of restraint” at the total opposite of what we are living, with all the digital images and stimuli. The collection has been titled the ‘Coed Défilé’ and he opened it with the trans teenage Londoner Finn Buchanan.


The difference between women and menswear was not easy to see. The collection is designed to be gender-nonconformist. The male and women models wore many riotously colorful leggings, cinched waists and dresses.


The mastery of deconstruction combined with visible stitching, which is one of the signatures of John Galliano, was obviously present. He also had fun with the accessories such as chunky heels and multicolored boots.


John also has a crew of student interns on work placement in Central Saint Martins. He has lifted aspirations which differ from others. His inclusive, gang-sourced intel is sparking that new energy.








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