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It didn’t take long for John Krasinski to cash in on the success of A Quiet Place. The film’s critical and commercial success has quickly led to Krasinski signing on to direct a sci-fi thriller titled Life On Mars, which will re-team him with A Quiet Place producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form. Paramount is in talks to distribute the film.


Life On Mars is based on a short story by Cecil Castellucci titled We Have Always Lived On Mars, which follows a woman who is one of the few descendants of a human colony on Mars that was abandoned by Earth.


She discovers she can breathe amid the Mars atmosphere, and while the crew believes this indicates their terraforming has paid off, the development actually leads them to unlocking the mystery of the disaster that stranded her and the team on the planet in the first place.


Krasinksi reportedly found the story himself, though right now there are no plans for him to star in the film himself. There’s currently no writer attached but Krasinski penned most of the script to A Quiet Place himself so if he decides to write Life On Mars, that won’t be a problem.


In the brief time since A Quiet Place has proven to be a huge hit, rumours began to swirl as to what offers Krasinski would receive and what project he would direct next. There was talk regarding Star Wars and Marvel, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see that a director who clearly trusts his own talents has decided to stay away from a major franchise and stick to working on an original project.



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