John Krasinski To Lead Michael Bay’s ’13 Hours’ | Film News


Michael Bay’s Benghazi movie is moving along nicely, with a decent cast in talks and its lead actor confirmed in The Office star John Krasinski. Bay is taking on the new movie, 13 Hours, recounting the attack on the US Special Mission Compound in Benghazi back in 2012. The story will predominantly focus on the six-man security whose job it was to defend the compound.


There have been a few different comments on what exact role Krasinski will take in the new drama with Variety reporting that he’ll be playing a Navy Seal and The Hollywood Reporter announcing that he’d be playing leading man Jack Silva, after blowing away Michael Bay in his audition.


Personally, I’m completely torn by this news, I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not. I’m a huge Krasinksi fan with his comedic roles in the The Office US and Away We Go being some of my favorites, but I have an intense dislike for Michael Bay films. I can absolutely see Krasinksi in a leading role and a drama like this could really show off his talent but my skepticism over Bay’s attempt to move from robot-smashing, headache-inducing trash to tense drama is stopping me from getting excited. Still, in Krasinksi, I trust.


Source: Variety, THR (via Joblo)



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