John Krasinski’s Small Idea For ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Is Currently In The Works | Film News


Following the success of A Quiet Place earlier this year, it seems that actor John Krasinski has ideas for a sequel.


Krasinski, who wrote the initial script (not to mention also starred in the film) had originally planned for a one-off film, however after sharing his thoughts with producer Andrew Form he was assured by his confidence in the idea alongside Paramount who believes that the film has great potential for a follow-up. So much so, Paramount have already scheduled a release date for 2020!


During a Q&A, Krasinski confirmed that he will also be writing the second script himself but didn’t give much else away other than him having a “small idea for a sequel”. However from what we can gather, hints suggest the upcoming film could possibility revolve around other human survivors, or could very well be his own character returning on screens.




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