John Lennon Letter Sells For $28,000 At Auction | Music News


A letter written by John Lennon in 1971 on Apple Records stationary has sold at an auction in Boston for $28,000 on Thursday night. The letter written to New York based television host Joe Franklin raves about Yoko Ono’s album Fly. He raves about his wife’s musical talents and ask the host to give the album a listen. Lennon writes, “of course Yoko can explain her music better in person, this is a kind of introduction. For something rather more ‘straight,’ a track called ‘Mrs. Lennon’ on Fly is an example of her more conservative side”. The letter to Franklin was just one of the Beatles-related items sold at the auction on October 24. A batch of stock transfer sheets from 1969 by each Beatles member, individually sold for over $16,000, as any documents with the band’s signatures from 1969 are extremely rare.



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