John Lennon Solo Albums Now Available On Spotify | Music News


Spotify has made John Lennon’s studio albums available to stream. Dating from 1970 to 1984, the catalogue includes eight solo albums and three compilations, with Yoko Ono collaborations also available. The complete solo albums are Milk And Honey, Double Fantasy, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Walls And Bridges, Some Time In New York City, Mind Games, Imagine and Plastic Ono Band.


The compilations include Gimme Some Truth – a four-disc anthology collection, Signature Box – eight studio albums plus two discs of non-album singles, outtakes and rare recordings and Power To The People: The Hits. John Lennon is the third Beatle to arrive on Spotify, with George Harrison left to join. Whether The Beatles‘ music will sometime soon be available is still uncertain.



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